If you own DeMarco Murray or Arian Foster (or both, if you went and struck fantasy football gold) in your fantasy football leagues, chances are you’re having a solid season. According to Yahoo! Sports, as of Week 8, 65.6 percent of the top 500 public league teams have Murray on their roster, while 33 percent have Foster. (That’s most and fifth-most of any player.)

Of course, the problem with Murray and Foster is that each have one big ugly red flag: They’re injury prone. Foster missed eight games during the 2013 season, and has already missed one this year; Murray’s never played more than 14 games in a season, and his 206 carries so far this season are just 11 shy of his single-season career high.

So what should fantasy football owners do with Murray and Foster? SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio’s Ray Flowers and Holden Kushner suggested it might be worth assessing their trade values.

“We’re talking 400-plus carries Murray’s on pace for, plus the receptions,” Flowers said. “He’s got the upright running style, he can take big hits. I’m just as concerned with Murray as Foster. People are winning and losing fantasy leagues because they have those guys on their teams, or are facing those guys. And I just don’t know if anyone should feel great about either one of them come playoff time.”

“If you got them right now, ride them into the ground. But the question is, do you sell as high as possible?” Kushner asked, suggesting a hypothetical trade of Mark Ingram and a WR1 for Murray or Foster.

“Having the elite players in most instances is the best way to go,” Flowers said, “but if someone comes to me and says I will give you an RB1 – let’s say I’ll give you Andre Ellington in this trade … and in addition to Andre Ellington, I’ll give you Jeremy Maclin? Hard to say no to that.”

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