A note for everyone aboard the Mark Sanchez bandwagon: “You are losing your minds!”

SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio’s Ray Flowers went off on the hype surrounding Nick Foles‘ replacement in Philadelphia, pointing to the veteran’s poor history in the league.

“Mark Sanchez, let me just say this simply, is not good,” Flowers said. “Mark Sanchez had a solid game, everyone in the world seems to think this guy is going to throw for 275 and two-and-a-half touchdowns per week. There is not a scintilla of evidence in anything this guy has ever done at the NFL level to suggest that’s gonna happen. It isn’t there.”

Need proof? How about the stats:

“55 percent completion percentage – hideous. More interceptions than touchdown passes in his career, 70 to 71 – abysmal. 195 yards a game – atrocious,” Flowers said. “Statistically speaking he stinks.”

Flowers wasn’t all that smitten with the Chip Kelly offense and its effect on Eagles quarterbacks, either.

“I got news for you folks,” Flowers said. “Nick Foles wasn’t playing that well, either. The numbers at the end of the day were pretty good because they run such a high volume of plays and all that, but he was making all kinds of mistakes, too.”

So who should add the Sanchize?

“You add him in two-quarterback leagues if you want, OK, I can buy that. But this asinine talk, that he is a QB1 or something? that is ridiculous.”

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