Save yourself the time: Don’t call into Ray Flowers’ SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio program and ask him if you should drop Larry Fitzgerald before you drop Josh Gordon.

That’s what a caller did earlier this week, and it set Flowers off.

“Why do we keep playing this game?” Flowers asked. “Folks, we have been saying the same thing for two flipping months, every single day. So people can’t say, ‘Oh, I don’t listen to your show for three hours.’ We say this five times every day: Stop asking us Josh Gordon questions. You are an idiot if you’re holding on to Josh Gordon and dropping weekly players. You’re an idiot if you’re doing that. I don’t know how much stronger I can be. And I hate to be a jackhole, but my goodness. The guy is going to still miss eight more weeks, and you’re dropping your starting players for that? That’s insanity.”

Flowers proceeded to give several reasons as to why banking on Gordon isn’t a good idea for fantasy owners.

1. [Owners are] missing the point that there’s no reason at all to believe that Josh Gordon won’t get in trouble again. There’s no reason to believe that. He has never proven he can stay out of trouble.

2. They’re missing the fact that the Browns offense is completely different than it was last year.

3. They’re missing the fact that, oh, by the way, he will be missing two-thirds of the season, and catching balls in practice is nothing like playing in an NFL game.

4. They’re expecting that when he returns, for him to immediately be Josh Gordon that we saw last year.

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