Jim Cramer is about as in to fantasy football as you can get. He explained as much earlier this week on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio:

“You know I like to get up at 3:45,” he told John Hansen and Ross Tucker. “Because that’s when waivers clear. You know on ESPN, you clear at 3:45, sometimes at 3:47.”

Wednesday, after rising at 3:45, Cramer made the decision to cut New England Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, adding Mike Glennon in his place. Cramer outlined the reasoning to Hansen and Tucker:

“I hate Brady so much,” Cramer said. “I’m going to do what Belichick should do, especially after not giving a high-five to that kid: I cut him! I didn’t trade him. I had to teach him a lesson.”

Cramer added:

“I need him out of my locker room.”

Cramer also outlined a pretty good case for why you Hansen should absolutely be one of you go-to fantasy experts: Hansen’s four recommendations of Josh Gordon, Eddie Lacy, Le’Veon Bell and Zac Stacy led Cramer to his third straight fantasy football championship in 2013.

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