Tuesday, Adrian Peterson reached a plea deal to avoid jail time as part of his child abuse case in Texas. That plea deal opened the door for Peterson’s NFL reinstatement. The Minnesota Vikings running back is currently on the exempt/commissioner’s permission list; Peterson has been paid during his eight-game absence from the team, but hasn’t been permitted to take part in Vikings team activities.

In order to be reinstated now, Peterson would need to avoid a further suspension implemented by Roger Goodell or the Vikings. The prospect of immediate reinstatement set off SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio host Jeff Mans Tuesday. Listen to Mans’ full rant, or scroll down for a transcript:

I must be just crazy. I’m just nuts, obviously. Those of you that listen to me every night here know this by now. But there are times in life where I just don’t get it. I simply don’t understand. And if Adrian Peterson is going to play football against this year, my hands are thrown up.

I don’t know. I could not see it. And I am convinced that I will not recommend anybody pick up Adrian Peterson this year. I recommend nobody picking him up. There is no way they can let this guy play football in 2014. Absolutely, positively, no way the NFL and the Minnesota Vikings could not one of them, or both of them, suspend him for a minimum of eight games. Minimum. There’s no way.

How could you justify it? How in the world could you justify it? Are we just forgetting? Is everybody nuts? Are we just forgetting what this guy did? Oh, he plea bargained. Oh, cool. I didn’t know he plea bargained. Wow. Well come on back Adrian Peterson! Come on in, All Day! Let’s get it on, baby, get the purple on. Let’s go!

Are you kidding?! Are you guys kidding me?! Is the NFL kidding me right now? Is he gets on that field, I don’t even know what I’m gonna do. I’m gonna write a lengthy letter is what I’m gonna do, but that’s pretty much my biggest power stroke. But come on, man. There’s no way you can let this guy play football this year.

I’m the biggest apologist for athletes, and I think a lot of things are overblown and way out there. At some stage, I understand our legal system is effed. I get it. Oh, you have a pinch of marijuana on you? You’re getting a felony. What, you beat the hell out of your kids? Well, OK, you can plea bargain that. What?! Are you kidding me? But because you have money, because you run fast with ball, you’re OK? Come on back to work, baby! Just forget everything.

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