Did you bench Ahmad Bradshaw, Darren Sproles or Bobby Rainey last week? You should probably be benching them again this week.

SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio host Jeff Mans went off Tuesday on owners who start role players based on their performances the previous week.

“I don’t know how else to express it,” Mans said. “What you need to do in fantasy football, the goal should be to be ahead of the curve, not behind it. You wanna be riding the wave, not sucked under it. You know what I mean? Chasing last week is terrible. It’s tragic. It never works. It just never works.

“You think Bobby Rainey, Ahmad Bradshaw, Darren Sproles, these guys are gonna have tremendous Week 3s? All three of them? They had great Week 2s. Now you just think they’re going to do it again, huh?” Mans said. “Then what? They’re gonna do it next week, and the next week? So, based on that, you’re talking about those three guys virtually being All-Pros this year. That’s what you think is gonna happen. Or do you think, no, they’re gonna go back in their cave, be the role players that they are, all three of them, and come back to earth Week 3.”

Mans urged owners to continue riding primary backs with longer histories of reliability than those who may be flashes in the pan.

“A guy like Doug Martin or Zac Stacy or Rashad Jennings, someone like that, will continue to produce and produce better numbers,” Mans said. “You gotta be ahead of these guys. You gotta be. You’re never gonna win championships playing from behind like this. If you didn’t start Bobby Rainey last week, you didn’t start Darren Sproles last week, you shouldn’t start them this week. There’s no argument.”

Feel bad for yourself and move on, and try to be early on players, Mans pleaded.

“That’s how you win. You gotta get ahead. You can’t be scared. You can’t wait until they do it. Once they’ve done it, it’s over, you don’t get the points,” Mans said. “After he has a big week, you think, ‘Oh, look, I got this guy on my roster,’ but you didn’t get the points. It’s irrelevant. It doesn’t matter. So what?”

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