Fantasy football insight from Matthew Berry for your weekend drafts

The Talented Mr. Roto, Matthew Berry, jumped on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio earlier this week, and offered three crucial pieces of advice for fantasy football owners.

1. It’s OK to go QB in the first round

I have Peyton Manning as a first rounder in my rankings. I’ve said this before, I want to either be one of the first guys in my league to get a quarterback, or one of the last. And even if Peyton Manning regresses – which I think he will, I think we all agree he’s not throwing 55 again, 56 again – but even if he regresses, give him 16 less touchdowns, the guy still would’ve been No. 1 in football last year in terms of total touchdown passes. You can’t win your league in the first round, you can lose it. […] Peyton Manning is money in the bank.

2. Rashad Jennings will be a weapon in PPR leagues

I think he’s a top 20 running back this year. They’re gonna pass the ball a ton, and they’re not gonna pass it very far […] Jennings is gonna be a PPR monster.

3. Give up your spot on the Brandin Cook bandwagon

I think the hype is legit and real, but I feel like by the time drafts really finish toward the end of August, he’s going to be going in the fifth and sixth round and that’s just nuts. For an unproven rookie, I get the speed, I get obviously it’s a high-octane offense, but you look at what New Orleans does on offense traditionally, and I think there’s gonna be three or four games this year where Brandin Cook is just an absolute beast, but I’m worried that he’s going to be a much better real-life player than fantasy player. I’m absolutely fine taking Cook in the late seventh, and eighth, and ninth, but the fifth or sixth round? When you look at some of the people going around there? To me, I just think the hype is a little bit too much on Cook given the lack of a track record.

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