In case you’ve been living under a rock, two of fantasy football’s top performers in 2014, DeMarco Murray and Jimmy Graham, have found new homes this offseason. Murray left Dallas, where he was the featured running back, for Philadelphia, signing up for a timeshare with Ryan Mathews and Darren Sproles. Graham, meanwhile, exited the friendly confines of New Orleans, where he played a major role in Sean Payton‘s pass-happy offense, and will call run-happy Seattle home in 2015.

As Jeff Mans pointed out on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, a player alone does not dictate their fantasy value. Other circumstances need to be accounted for, specifically the system a player operates in. So what do we make of the fantasy values of Murray and Graham heading into next season? John Hansen, Adam Ronis and Mans chimed in over the last week.

Hansen on Murray: Mathews is not much more than a handcuff

There’s plenty of work to go around. And at this point, Ryan Mathews can’t be the guy, can’t be relied upon to be the guy, needs to be a rotational guy. So I’m looking at DeMarco Murray, you keep his carries to 275, give him the edge on third down, you give Ryan Mathews 125-150 carries, still some work for Sproles, and we’ll see if anybody else can factor into the mix. But I don’t think it’s as complicated for fantasy. I think that DeMarco Murray is going to be very good. Is he going to be a dominant force like he was last year? Probably not, unless Mathews gets hurt.

Ronis on Murray: Eagles will run, run, run

I think DeMarco Murray is going to be the lead back there. I just think they’re going to run a ton. You could see the way things are shaping up that this team is just gonna be run-heavy. They’re gonna ask Sam Bradford to hand the ball off. So I think DeMarco Murray is going to get 275-300 touches this year.

Mans on Graham: Uh-oh

Crushes his value, folks! Crushes it! C’mon now. Ted [Schuster] told you: Volume. Forty-five times a game, the New Orleans Saints pass the football; 23 times, the Seattle Seahaws. And let’s understand something else here. Maybe there’s more deals coming down the pike for the Seattle Seahawks, but trading Max Unger, and getting rid of their tight ends, Zach Miller, these are blocking type guys. That hurts this offensive line. Jimmy Graham doesn’t block anybody. Jimmy Graham doesn’t block a soul. He’s a swinging gate. As big and as technically strong as he is, he’s not a good run blocker or pass blocker. He’s going to be catching the football, but his value plummets. It has to. He is no longer a first-round pick.

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