A promising rookie campaign led to a lot of hype surrounding Cordarrelle Patterson to start the 2014 NFL season. But Patterson, who received for 469 yards and two touchdowns in 2013, along with two return touchdowns and three rushing touchdowns, hasn’t been able to rekindle his rookie mojo this year.

Entering Week 6, Patterson has 15 receptions for 189 yards. His lone touchdown came on the ground, as he’s yet to return a kick for a score, or catch a touchdown pass from any of the Minnesota Vikings quarterbacks. This week on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, Jeff Mans explained what’s holding Patterson back.

“Cordarrelle Patterson cannot catch a football away from his body,” Mans said. “It’s not Jeff Mans’ opinion, it’s not Norv Turner’s opinion, it’s not Mike Zimmer’s opinion; this is a fact the entire universe knows. Anybody who pays attention knows. So what happens with guys like that? Well, you gotta hand them the football. You gotta give them bubble screens. You gotta give them slants that he catches up against his body. You can’t throw bombs.”

“Cordarrelle Patterson has the leaps, he has the height, he has everything,” Mans continued. “He can’t go up, catch the football with his hands, control it over a defender or two, and bring it down to his body. That’s the part that he doesn’t have. Thus, he’s limited. And until those skills show themselves – which didn’t show up in training camp (we noted that), didn’t show up in preseason (we noted that), and are not present now – until that happens, he simply cannot be an elite receiver.”

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