Looking to make a fantasy football trade? Want to cash in on an owner who is ready to cut bait with a player who is off to a slow start? Jeff Mans and Ted Schuster offered a pair of players to target on SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio.

Eddie Lacy

Says Mans: “I think he turns it around. It starts this week against a terrible Chicago run defense.”

Says Schuster: “He was overdrafted to begin with … I know it’s college, but Alabama has the best offensive line in college football every single year. We’ve seen Trent Richardson fail, and now Eddie Lacy’s having some problems. I don’t think you can ignore that. I think Lacy’s got more talent than Richardson, but Lacy’s not an elite running back; he’s a solid running back, and he’s playing for a good offense, so he should be productive the rest of the way.

Greg Jennings

Says Mans: “[Teddy] Bridgewater loved him. He absolutely loved Greg Jennings in this one. He had seven targets after Bridgewater took over, which was midway through the second quarter … I saw him fixated on Greg Jennings, and all I wrote on my legal pad, in big capital letters: ‘GET GREG JENNINGS,’ and I circled it, exclamation marks, three times.

Says Schuster: “I’m not opposed to that to be honest with you … This week, he’s definitely under consideration.”

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