Don’t put all your eggs in the Peyton Manning basket and draft him first overall with the expectation of another 50 touchdown passes. But what you can expect from Manning, Jeff Mans and Ted Schuster explained on the SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio Fantasy Alarm, is another very solid season. And for that reason, Manning topped their quarterback rankings:

1. Peyton Manning

Mans and Schuster said that fantasy football owners ought to expect 35-38 touchdown passes from Manning this year. Schuster said he wouldn’t take Manning earlier than the third round.

2. Drew Brees

3. Aaron Rodgers

4. Matthew Stafford

Said Mans: “Lot of weapons the Lions are adding here. Eric Ebron, Golden Tate, who I really do like in this offense. They’ve kept Joique Bell, they’ve got a pass-catcher in Reggie Bush out of the backfield as well.

5. Cam Newton

Mans: “He’s the 16 oz. soda in a 12 oz. glass. There’s just so much skills, so much talent, that no matter what, he’s going to produce. So I’m not going to worry about him producing. But the Panthers have some serious issues on offense. The offensive line and the receiving corps is terrible.”

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