As the MLB fantasy baseball season gets started this week, two of the game’s most talked about players are Los Angeles Angels outfielder Mike Trout and Chicago Cubs infielder Kris Bryant. Trout, because he was the consensus No. 1 overall pick in fantasy baseball drafts this year (#Trout1st); Bryant, because of his absurd spring training numbers and subsequent minor-league assignment.

In the spirit of some Opening-Weekend fun, SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio hosts Craig Mish and Jody McDonald entertained a pair of over/under propositions: Over/under 25 stolen bases this season for Trout, and over/under 27 home runs this season for Bryant:

Trout: 25 steals?

Mish: “I’m gonna go on the over side. … I don’t know that he gets back to 30 stolen bases, but I’m willing to take the chance here. He’s been relatively healthy, and health is just a huge factor. … If I’m banking on 25 1/2 stolen bases for Trout, I’m in on the over.”

McDonald: “I concur with a couple things you said, including your final answer. Under is more fun, disagreeing with you is more fun, but I’m going to answer these as truly as I possibly can and tell you what I think is going to transpire this year. I’m going to go over as well, but I do not think he’s going to get back to – he stole 43 as a rookie, and then 30-something his second year, down into the teens last year. It’ll be over, but it’s only going to be over by a couple.”

Bryant: 27 homers?

Mish: “I’m going to go under, and it’s not one that I love to have to do, because I really want him to go over, I really do. I just think it’s safe to go under 27 1/2. What happens if he’s 0-for-15 in the minors? Are they all the sudden going to pull the trigger and call him up? That concerns me a little bit. I don’t think he will, I think he’ll tear the minors up, but there’s too many ifs here for me.”

McDonald: “I’m going over again. I think that Bryant will only be out the 10 days, the absolute minimum that they have to, to save a year of service time for him. And when he comes back up, I do not believe spring training was a fluke. I think this guy has a chance to compete with Giancarlo. He won’t beat him, but I think he has a chance to compete with him as a top home run guy in the National League. I think he’ll hit 30 as a rookie.”

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