Looking for fantasy baseball players primed for a big second-half of the season? Kyle Elfrink and Ray Flowers of SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio offer five of their picks:


Matt Holliday, St. Louis Cardinals

Matt Holliday, who’s hitting ground ball after ground ball, and has a slugging percentage which is like, 100 points lower than it was last year. I don’t think you can fall off a cliff this quickly when you’re as good as he’s been for this long. So I think Holliday has a second-half lift. He had a big one last season, too. He wasn’t this bad a year ago, but he was pretty weak before turning it on in the second half.

Carlos Santana, Cleveland Indians

I think he’s too good to be a .200 hitter. I think this guy could be back in the .230s, where we usually see him, in the .230s by the end of the season. I think home runs and RBIs will also follow.

Alex Cobb, Tampa Bay Rays

It’s been a very inconsistent year for Alex Cobb … I think Alex Cobb’s talent shines through in the second half.


Joe Mauer, Minnesota Twins

He’s hitting .271, he’s got two home runs, and he’s hurt. So I’m assuming the cost to add him is probably very low. His owner is ticked off. Let’s face the facts, here: The guy’s a .320 career hitter, he’s never hit under .287 in a season, five of the last six years his OBP has been over .400, it’s at .340 right now.

B.J. Upton, Atlanta Braves

With a solid second half, [he] could still go 15-25 this year for the Braves.

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