The MLB fantasy baseball season is fast approaching. With fantasy baseball season comes fantasy baseball draft season. And with fantasy baseball draft season come managers looking for bounce-back candidates.

One of those candidates? Texas Rangers first baseman Prince Fielder.

Last year with the Detroit Tigers, Fielder had arguably his worst season as a pro, finishing with 25 home runs, a .457 slugging percentage, 82 runs and 75 walks – his worst numbers since 2006. But with a new ballpark comes hope for Fielder, according to SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio’s Drew Dinkmeyer.

“He just has a track record of, after a down year, having a really big year the next year,” Dinkmeyer said. “So in 2010 with the Brewers, he kinda had a somewhat similar year to last year […] The next year, he came back, hit .299 with a .415 on-base [percentage] and a .566 slugging [percentage]. So there’s concerns that the walk rate dropped last year, and maybe he’s gonna enter an earlier decline because of his physique than a lot of other power players in his age bracket, but I mean, he’s going into next year at 29 years of age, turning 30 in May, and he’s going to a significantly better ballpark for left-handed hitting.”

Dinkmeyer added that losing the protection Miguel Cabrera offered won’t be a huge deal, either.

“I think hitting in the middle of that order, I don’t think he’s gonna have any suffering effect of lineup protection, or anything like that, that people will banter about after moving away from behind behind Miguel Cabrera,” Dinkmeyer said. “I think he’s also gonna have so many runners on base. I mean, Shin-Soo Choo gets on base so much in front of him, and you put Choo on base 40 percent of the time in front of him […] I think he’s gonna come to the plate with a ton of guys on. I think he’s in a great spot.”

So what’s Dinkmeyer got for Fielder’s ceiling this season? Close to 40 home runs, 100 runs and 120 RBIs – a first-round producer.

Leading up to fantasy baseball season, tune to SiriusXM Fantasy Sports Radio, Sirius channel 210 and XM channel 87, for round-the-clock draft advice.

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