We’ve all been there … or at least us mere fashion mortals have all been there. While some women seem to have an effortless sense of style, the rest of us struggle to look and feel fashionable while trying to have it all and getting that work-life balance–on a budget, natch. Well, mere mortal sisters, rest easier. Because even American icon, the one and only Brooke Shields, feels, well, unchic sometimes.

“I’ve struggled with it myself because my whole life I show up at a studio and they put something on me, I get the hair accordingly and then borrow the jewels. And then I go out and it is so hard to discern what is my own style and it has taken me this long,” Brooke told Harper’s Bazaar Executive Editor Laura Brown on SiriusXM Stars. “I am not just saying this, but I have called you on more than one occasion asking, “How do I be cool and chic?” and you say to me, “You’re Brooke Shields!” but, I don’t know! The point is, we all just want to know.”

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