As the world watches Aaron Hernandez, ESPN legal analyst Roger Cossack wonders what investigators really have on the New England Patriots tight end.

Hernandez has been under suspicion in connection with last week’s homicide of Odin Lloyd. His home has been searched at least twice, according to media reports, and news helicopters have followed many of Hernandez’s moves.

Cossack was on The SiriusXM Blitz on Monday, and was asked what he thought about the case:

“From experience, I’m beginning to wonder whether or not they [investigators] really do have the case on him,” Cossack said. “I think they’re really looking at him as someone who has a great deal of information, knows a lot about the homicide and want him to cooperate, and apparently he won’t do it.

“If I’m his lawyer, I’m beginning now to start wondering, ‘I wonder exactly how much they do have on this guy or how much of it is bluster,'” Cossack continued. “If [investigators] don’t know what’s on that [destroyed surveillance] tape, and [they] don’t know what’s on that [destroyed] phone, how can [they] say that information was contained” in those devices.

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