E-Rock of The Opie & Anthony Show is the man. He reminded the world why Wednesday morning.

During the Fox and Friends After the Show Show, Guy Fieri and Elisabeth Hasselbeck, Steve Doocy and the rest of the crew were celebrating Brian Kilmeade’s birthday. At one point, Hasselbeck decided to try to throw a birthday cake at Kilmeade’s face.

She missed on her first try, at which point in the video below, you see E-Rock slowly start sneaking into the frame. (About halfway through the video, E-Rock’s no longer sneaking around, but rather waving his arms around trying to draw the attention of the cameramen.)

Eventually, Hasselbeck returns to the pavilion after chasing Kilmeade into the News Corp. Building (which is across the street from SiriusXM’s NYC headquarters), still with cake in hand. She then walks by E-Rock, who intercepts the cake and, well, does this:

Everyone ought to tweet a big “congratulations” to E-Rock on Twitter, @erockradio.

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