New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees is optimistic after the team’s first “normal” offseason in “what felt like four years.”

Brees and his Saints teammates were reunited with Head Coach Sean Payton this spring, one season after Payton was suspended for the year in connection with the team’s bounty scandal. Brees told Rich Gannon and Bruce Murray of The SiriusXM Blitz that the return of Payton has brought an unprecedented level of enthusiasm from his teammates.

“You know what I’m amazed at?,” Brees said. “Normally, you go into an offseason or you get through the offseason and, you know, the attendance is good [. . .] You know, 80 to 90 percent. But I’m not sure we had a guy miss a single session this entire offseason. And I’m not just talking about practices. [I’m] talking about weight workouts [. . .] whatever we were doing.

“[I was] just amazed at the level of commitment that everyone showed this offseason,” he added.

Listen to Brees’ full comments, including how he felt the coaching staff performed in 2012, and what the return of Payton will mean to an offense that was already elite last year.

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