Buzzfeed Senior Editor McKay Coppins published an uproarious post just last week titled 36 Hours on the Fake Campaign Trail with Donald Trump. Upon seeing Coppins’ piece regarding his own recalled resolution, Trump took to Twitter, calling Coppins and Buzzfeed “true garbage with no credibility.” Also, the Donald had two choice words for the aide who set up the interview with Coppins: “You’re fired.” Coppins spoke with Michael Smerconish on the matter.

“I think [my piece] struck a nerve… It’s true that he wants attention, but more than anything, he wants to be taken seriously,” Coppins said. “In Trump’s world, he has a lot of ‘Yes men’ surrounding him who are constantly telling him how great and wonderful he is, how he would be a great president, and so he hears these things everyday, all day, and I think that it’s kind of warped his reality a little bit.”

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