There’s a reason they call Chris Russo, “Mad Dog.” In Dog Bites, we highlight and breakdown his greatest on-air moments.

In this edition of Dog Bites, Mad Dog takes issue with a photo of Johnny Manziel and some good old-fashioned rolled up American currency that was shared by @MadDogRadio on Twitter. (The tweet has since been deleted.)

Russo and Mad Dog Sports Radio program director Steve Torre duke it out over whether the photo should have ever been shared.


DOG: Steve, why did you put it on the freakin’ thing then, for? What are you, an idiot? You put it up there because it looks like he’s doing drugs!

TORRE: OK, goodbye, I’ll talk to you later.

DOG: I mean, holy gosh!

TORRE: Don’t call me an idiot.

DOG: Well, that’s not fair!

TORRE: You’re being disrespectful.

DOG: No I’m not, you’re being disrespectful!

TORRE: No I’m not!

DOG: Yes you are, what are you putting it up there for!

TORRE: Chris, why don’t you wake up. You just heard about this today?

DOG: Thank gosh.

TORRE: And now you’re gonna start attacking everybody? Go on every website …

DOG: I don’t care about the websites!

Now turn down your speakers, and have a listen to this epic back-and-forth.


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