There’s a reason they call Chris Russo, “Mad Dog.” In Dog Bites, we highlight and breakdown his most prolific on-air moments.

Mad Dog joined fellow SiriusXM sports hosts Rich Gannon, Patrick Meagher and Dan Graca in reacting to the release of surveillance video showing Ray Rice knocking out his then-fiancée Janay Rice in an elevator. Russo went particularly hard on NFL Commissioner Roger Goodell in his comments.

You can’t freakin’ go to the bathroom without Goodell knowing about it. You can’t take a pee. You work for Goodell, you carry “The Shield” … Oh, come on, he knows!

Russo was convinced that the NFL had either already seen the video, or had made a major misstep in not doing everything possible to see the video.

“You mean to tell me that the NFL somehow, some way, could not see this video in the last three or four months? Or six months? You can’t sneeze in the NFL offices without the NFL knowing about it,” Russo said. “But somehow, from Feb. 15 to Sept. 8, they, like the rest of us, didn’t see what happened in the elevator until [Monday] morning? Now if you believe that, you’re nuts.”

Russo continued:

There’s no way. It’s impossible. This is the National Football League. The National Football League is omnipresent. They are bigger than God. They have more things at their disposal than anything in the world. They’ve got FBI agents with every team. They investigate these draft picks when they get drafted, they know more about the draft picks than their parents do, for crying out loud. The NFL does everything known to man to make sure they know everything about every player. They can’t admit [they saw the video], because it they admit it, then they look really tone deaf. We all know they’re tone deaf, but that’s a disaster.

Dog also thought it unbelievable that TMZ was able to buy the tape, but the NFL wasn’t.

“What has the NFL been doing?” Russo asked. “They’re bigger than TMZ. And if they have to roll in the dirt, and if they have to figure out a way to get that tape, and they have to pay the elevator operator just like TMZ did, well then so be it.”

As for Goodell’s legacy as commissioner? Nobody will ever forget this, Russo argued.

“I understand he works the brand, he spreads the religion, he signs the TV deals, and I know the NFL is impregnable. I know Goodell’s made them just an incredible amount of money, and for the most part, he’s done a pretty good job. I understand that,” Russo said. “But this is going to go down on his resume forever. This is a tremendous blemish on his resume, there’s no other way around it. He gave Ray Rice a two-game suspension when Ray Rice, a big running back in this league, coldcocked his fiancée out. Dead out. On an elevator floor in February, dragged her across the ground floor of that elevator, and left her in the hallway. And he gave him a two-game suspension.”

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