Since winning Project Runway in 2008, 28-year-old designer Christian Siriano’s career has taken off like a shot. Post-win, he’s started his own label, opened up a flagship store in Manhattan, and designed for the big screen, which he recently discussed on OutQ with Larry Flick.

On costume designing for the upcoming animated Disney film, The Pirate Fairy (hitting theaters April 1), Siriano said: “I’ve done a lot of different projects…but I have to say, working with Disney was AMAZING,” Siriano said. “They’re so creative…You know, they had their input and I had my input, but I will say what we did in the final end is exactly what I think I envisioned…It was an almost TOO seamless process.”

Arguably the biggest fashion star to emerge from Project Runway, Siriano told Flick that his fashion bug is fueled by love for (and even obsession with) the industry.

“After [Project Runway], I just really went for it. I showed my first collection right after that show. We’ve now done 13 collections. I opened a store last year in New York City,” Siriano said. “You have to love it. If you don’t love it and you’re not obsessed with it, it’s impossible cause this business is very hard.”

Siriano’s designs have recently been inspired by the travel bug as well. He told Flick that women from all around the world purchase his designs and that their “daring” choices and colorful looks have gotten his creative juices flowing.

“What’s inspiring me a lot [are] the different women that want to buy my clothes. We have customers that live all the way in Saudi Arabia and Qatar and Russia, and it’s so cool to see what those women are interested in because it’s very different than what women are interested in here,” Siriano explained. “I think they’re a little daring…I’m into that.”

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