Add another name to the “Deport Justin Bieber” petition.

Last week at Radio Row, Kevin Frazier, co-host of Insider, told Sway Calloway on Shade 45’s Sway in the Morning that Bieber should be shipped back to Canada.

No. 1, Justin Bieber doesn’t deserve to be in this country anymore. It’s a privilege to be in the United States, and he doesn’t deserve to be here anymore. He’s not a United States citizen, he’s here on a visa. And it’s unfortunate what happened. The real problem is that there is no adult supervision. And if you don’t have adult supervision, you’re in trouble. I talked to lots of people in the inside, and lots of people who are close to Justin. I talked to Cee Lo [Green] last night, who said he was shocked about what’s going on. Because he was close to Justin; he didn’t realize the shenanigans.

Frazier said stars similar to Bieber serve as a cautionary tale for those that achieve fame at a younger age.

“Look with all these stars that you see in the last teens; those years where you should be in college, or you should be working, and you should have supervision of some kind, and you don’t,” Frazier said. “It always happens. It happened to Britney, and it’s going to happen to Justin, and it’s going to happen over and over again.”

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