Darrelle Revis vs. Richard Sherman: Antonio Cromartie breaks it down

Barring unforeseen circumstances, they won’t line up opposite each other in Super Bowl XLIX. But one of the most intriguing match-ups in Sunday’s NFL championship between the New England Patriots and Seattle Seahawks is the battle between each team’s No. 1 cornerback: Darrelle Revis vs. Richard Sherman.

Revis’ former teammate on the New York Jets, Antonio Cromartie, offered a scouting report on each player on SiriusXM NFL Radio, including an assessment of which cornerback he feels is best in the game.


He’s a guy that’s a big-time technician. He’s not a fast guy, but a guy that relies heavily on his technique. … He came in and practiced the right way, always attacked the ball, always tried to do everything right. And it transferred over to the game. … Film don’t lie. And that’s his biggest thing. He never wanted to put something on film that made him ashamed of what kind of person he was.


He’s one of the best corners in the NFL, behind a guy like Darrelle Revis. I think the system that he plays in, it works for him perfectly from the stand point, to me, there’s not a lot of man-to-man coverage, where you’re on an island by yourself. They play one or two coverages; that’s either Cover-1 or Cover-3. … He attacks the ball very well. To me, one of the top guys that can go after the ball, and once he gets the ball in his hand, he can do anything with it.

Speaking of Cromartie and the Jets, does the Pro Bowler think the door’s open to a return to Gang Green, where Todd Bowles, his defensive coordinator with the Arizona Cardinals, was recently named head coach?

“It’s open,” Cromartie said. “My house is still there, and everybody knows I never wanted to leave New York.”

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