Dan Aykroyd on Ghostbusters remake, John Belushi’s death and making another movie with ‘Billy’ Murray

The Howard Stern Show started the week off with a Dan Aykroyd chat. The entertainer stopped by the SiriusXM show to spill the beans about the Ghostbusters reboot, his years on the set of SNL (friend John Belushi’s death) and the chances of a new project with longtime friend, Bill Murray.

Check what he had to say below!

1. Is Dan happy about Ghostbusters 3?

2. Will he and Bill Murray work together again soon?

3. What did Dan think of late buddy John Belushi’s friends?

4. What was it like being a performer and writer on SNL?

5. What happened before, during and after early SNL tapings?

6. What did Dan want from Eddie Murphy’s SNL 40 appearance?

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