Dallas Cowboys DE Jeremy Mincey takes NFL Radio through pass interference reversal

The NFL playoffs are officially in full swing, and all we can talk about is a reversed pass-interference call.

Matt Stafford and the Detroit Lions were driving in the fourth quarter against the Dallas Cowboys in their wild-card playoff game, leading 20-17. On third-and-1 from the Cowboys’ 46, Stafford fired a pass toward the left sideline, intended for tight end Brandon Pettigrew. Cowboys linebacker Anthony Hitchens, in coverage on the play, was whistled for a pass interference.

However, after referee Pete Morelli announced the pass interference call over the public-address system, he and the referees huddled and decided to pick up the flag. As a result, the Lions faced a fourth-and-1 instead of a first down, and ultimately decided to punt the ball. On the ensuing possession, the Cowboys drove down the field and scored, leading to a 24-20 win.

Cowboys defensive end Jeremy Mincey took SiriusXM NFL Radio through the events earlier this week.

When I seen that flag, my heart dropped, like, “Oh, no, don’t do this to us, please.” I guess the ref took another look at it and it was a clean play. They had to pick the flag up, it was only right. You gotta make the right decision sometimes. …

I was very, very, very shocked. … We’re having a rally speech, and they’re picking the flag up. It was very shocking, but things like that happen, and people make mistakes. I’m just glad it went our way, let’s put it that way. …

We were definitely ready for it, but I was really surprised they didn’t go for it on fourth down. I’m glad they didn’t, because that boot on that fourth down, that’s a tough play to stop, because it’s a throw-and-catch type of thing.

GIF via Bleacher Report/FOX broadcast

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