After waiting patiently for GM Sandy Alderson to makeover Omar Minaya’s team the past three years, Mets fans came into the 2013 offseason with high expectations, hoping for the team to make splash. Last week, Alderson rewarded those fans, signing power-hitting outfielder Curtis Granderson to a four-year, $60 million deal – by far the largest free agent contract of Alderson’s tenure with the Mets.

SiriusXM MLB Network Radio was joined by Alderson, who explained why the Granderson deal was a big step in the right direction for a Mets team that finished below-.500 each of the past five seasons.

“I think it’s something of a turning point for our franchise,” Alderson said. “2013 [is] going to to be an important, perhaps different year for us, so I hope that this signing begins to signal that.”

Granderson himself also joined MLB Network Radio, and spoke to the rivalry between Mets and Yankees fans.

“There are some great Yankees’ fans, there’s some great fans of other teams throughout the area,” Granderson said. “But the Mets’ fans are letting me know, ‘Hey, true New Yorkers are Mets fans.'”

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