Curtis Granderson on free agency: ‘I’m open for everything’

Tuesday on MLB Network Radio, outfielder Curtis Granderson spoke with Jim Memolo and Todd Hollandsworth about his options this offseason in free agency. One option already on the table is a one-year, $14 million qualifying offer.

Well, it’s definitely something you’ve got to think about and I appreciate the Yankees extending that offer to me. You definitely got to continue to weigh all your options to see what’s the best fit for you. Is it doing something like you said, the qualifying offer and going back out there again, or seeing what else is out there? You know, there are 29 other ball clubs out there and we’re now at a point where every team has the chance to be a contender here in the near future. The days of ‘I don’t want to play for those teams’ are kind of over with now, which is a great thing for baseball and fans in general. Because everybody’s got an opportunity to step up, surprise you, get things going, their minor league systems are great, and have a chance to win.

Granderson added that manager Joe Girardi’s return to the Yankees dugout will play a role in his decision, too.

I enjoyed my time with him for four years. He and I have actually got a Chicago connection, him going to Northwestern, me going to the University of Illinois-Chicago. So we always talk some things about that. And then just being in the clubhouse with him. He knows the game. The way he handles the team is great. He makes sure he gets all his players prepared so he doesn’t have to be always in your face because he knows you’ve done the work and his coaching staff has done a great job of getting you ready to play for the game. So once they locked that up for another four years that was a great sign and is definitely something to consider moving forward.

As for whether he wants to play in Chicago, his hometown:

You know what’s crazy? A lot of people have been asking me, ‘Has the media been talking to you a lot about it?’ I go, ‘Being out in the community here in Chicago now, that’s my big question among just fans. ‘Hey, are you coming home?’ And then the big question is ‘Which home, Chicago Cubs or Chicago White Sox?’ I’m excited that there is interest and there’s buzz and people are willing and excited to see what I’m going to do. But the process is here, it’s underway, and just excited to see how it is all going to happen. I’ve enjoyed my time with New York and we’ve got to see what’s going to happen there first but I’m open for everything. Let’s just see how it is all going to end up happening and see what happens with the Yankees first.


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