President Obama’s second-term doldrums seem to be fomenting some reconsideration of his predecessor, former President George W. Bush. But is the Bush brand fully rehabbed? Julie Mason, host of the Press Pool on SiriusXM’s POTUS channel, wasn’t so sure.

In the meantime, Obama’s handling of the continued crisis in Ukraine pleased no one — but at least the administration isn’t telling people how to cut their hair. This week’s highlights from the show:

Peter Baker, a New York Times reporter who wrote a book on Russian President Vladimir Putin and reported from Moscow, said Obama is hardly the first commander in chief to misconstrue the wily former KGB man.

Wall Street Journal reporter Adam Entous described how Russian officials were able to flummox U.S. spies by evading their surveillance efforts.

And somewhat related, the Obama administration floated some new proposals on curtailing its surveillance programs. Ellen Nakashima from the Washington Post told Jules the White House is trying to fix the program before Congress kills it.

Meanwhile, former Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice is back — raising money for Republicans and pushing back against the rising strain of Libertarianism in the party. Cameron Joseph of The Hill agreed with Jules that Rice is still not going to run for office.

Chris Cillizza from the Washington Post took the Rice redux a step further, saying the whole Bush administration brand (save a few toxic outliers) is enjoying a bit of a comeback.

Julie hoped this political nostalgia would extend to the highly entertaining Texas Gov. Rick Perry, who is trying to come back from a disastrous 2012 campaign flameout. But Todd Gillman of the Dallas Morning News isn’t ready to bet the ranch.

Annnnd: Jake Scobey-Thal from Foreign Policy had one of the more interesting stories of the week, about the historic use of hairstyles as a means of oppression.

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