Clinton Kelly to Larry Flick: “I’ll let you know when you look good!”

From What Not to Wear and The Chew, TV personality and fashion trendsetter Clinton Kelly stopped by OutQ to chat with host Larry Flick about everything from people recognizing him on the street to who wears the pants in his relationship with husband Damon Bayles.

The conversation cut to the chase right away, as one would only expect from those two. Is Clinton Kelly a judgmental person? Absolutely not. He’s simply “serving up some Clinton Kelly realness,” he says.

“I remember once I was wearing the best sweater in the world, oh and this was like 10 years ago. I was walking down the street, past The Mantra, and this guy comes out he was just like: ‘That’s What Not to Wear!’ And I had to flip him off and call him a bitch. This is what I said: ‘This sweater costs more then your car!’ It caught me off guard, ya know?”

In regards to his marriage: “I got into this nesting phase. When you meet the one, you know it’s the one.” He gives more relationship insight, even tying it in to home decor, natch. “I can have a life that’s rooted in love and kindness and calmness, you know that’s kind of the beautiful thing about it … and pretty plates, everywhere!”

Along the way, Kelly has a sudden revelation: He’s the “bossy mommy” in his relationship. “I think I was born with that at a certain extent, I don’t think all the gays have that because my husband doesn’t … you see he’s daddy. Mom sets the table, dad is served!”

The interview consists of a lot of laughs, with Kelly even giving his fans a sense of his musical abilities by singing some Broadway show tunes.

On a high note, he concludes: “What is it about this room, you make me do things that I wouldn’t normally do?!”

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