How is Clemson head coach Dabo Swinney preparing for his program’s Orange Bowl game against Ohio State Friday night? Like it’s September.

Swinney joined SiriusXM College Sports Nation to talk about how the Tigers are gearing up for a game taking place more than one month after their regular season finale.

“Before we left Clemson [to come to Miami], they [the coaches] have to have game plans laminated on my desk,” Swinney said. “No additions. We go with what we have planned. We have plenty of time to get everything done. Because when you get down here, you want your guys to be able to enjoy it a little bit. I think there’s a tendency sometimes in these bowl games to overwork, to over-prepare, especially when you have 30-something days to get ready for an opponent.

“We kind of treat it like it’s the opener to be honest with you,” Swinney continued, “as far as our game-planning and all that kind of stuff. Once we get here, it’s done, so the week is just really spent on the details of the plan, polishing the plan, and that’s worked out well.”

Swinney also broke down Ohio State’s offensive attack, specifically their stout offensive line and versatile running game, with SiriusXM College Sports Nation’s Mark Packer.

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