Christine Hassler talks ‘Expectation Hangover’ + Ty Pennington and Emeril Lagasse name their favorite foods on Wake Up With Taylor

On the most recent episode of Wake Up With Taylor, life coach Christine Hassler stops by to discuss her new book, Expectation Hangover, which deals with the importance of letting go of our too-high expectations. “We’re living in this fantasy of what we want things to be,” says Hassler. “It robs us from our reality.” She urges that many of us deal with emotional attachment issues, and it’s totally okay to have goals — but NOT expectations. “We don’t look around to see what’s actually happening.”

One section of Hassler’s book, Redirecting On The Mental Level, goes more in-depth into just how better off we could be if we went with the flow. “We don’t have total control of our lives,” says Hassler. “But we do have a choice over how we respond in what happens.”

Hassler also explains that Millennials especially suffer from an “expectation hangover,” or the expectation that life is going to be easy. “We are raised by these parents… but then you get out into the real world, and it sucks!” says Hassler. In addition to parents fostering false expectations among their offspring, apparently reality television also plays a major part in the “life is easy” illusion, claims Hassler. “Learn to be a little more realistic, and stop going to your parents for everything that you do!” instructs Hassler.

So, how does one get over this “expectation hangover”? According to Hassler: failure. And a lot of it. “If you can learn to milk disappointment and leverage, you’re going to learn so much about yourself and about life that it’s going to make you a better everything.

Also stopping by were On the Menu stars Ty Pennington and Emeril Lagasse, who talked about their all-time favorite foods.

“My favorite foods? I go by region,” says Pennington. “New Orleans… Not only in the country, but in the world. Just because there’s this style about it that’s hearty and zesty… a mix of everything!”

As for Lagasse, the Italian-American celebrity chef favors his homeland food above all else. “As far as Italian food, no one does it better than New York.”

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