Filters were banned and eff bombs were flying as Chris Rock and the King of All Media joined forces on the Howard Stern Show to discuss the comedian’s latest film, which he wrote, directed, and starred in. (Good luck trying to watch the trailer for Top Five in a public place without laughing to the point of concerning bystanders.)

Jerry Seinfeld, Adam Sandler and Sherri Shepherd are just a few of the comedians Rock tossed into his latest laugh-a-minute venture. Though Rock is famous for not giving a sh-t about what people think, he admitted being nervous about the upcoming film’s reception – especially by fellow comedians. Howard wondered why – with all of his other successes – Rock would even bother with trying his hand at the box office bullsh-t.

“I gotta get outta the house, Howard,” Rock joked.

Top Five is the first movie Rock wrote by himself, which is definitely no small feat. But, hey, if Louis C.K. tells you to do something, you better damn well do it.

“Actually, Louis [C.K.] told me, ‘If you’re gonna write another movie, you should write it yourself. You should be in a room. You should be sweating. You should feel horrible. You should be scared,'” Rock said. “‘You should have an empty page screamin’ at you, like, ‘Fill me up, motherf-cker!'”

Top Five promises to have Rock’s signature “I don’t give a f-ck” flair, which he wears well at both taped and live comedy gigs. Howard asked Rock whether his jokes got cleared in advance when he hosted the Oscars and SNL.

“I never clear anything. I just go like this: ‘WHAT CAN’T I DO?’ And if nothing I’m gonna do comes on that list, I’m gonna do it. … Even when I hosted the Oscars that was part of the deal,” Rock said. “That’s part of my thing. Let’s push it as far as it can go. … They know I won’t do the show if they go over my material with me [in advance].”

Howard also asked Rock about the state of another legendary SNL vet – Tracy Morgan, who also stars in Top Five and lives right near Rock (nbd).

“All I can say is, it’s day-to-day [since the accident],” Rock said. “It is sad cause he’s the funniest, nicest guy – one of the nicest guys you’re ever gonna meet.”

While Morgan is the nicest guy in Rock’s book, Dave Chappelle is the funniest.

“He’s brilliant. My favorite comedian,” Rock said. “He’s really relaxed, more than anybody I’ve ever seen. He said something one time on an interview. He said, ‘Comedy is a language I speak well.’ So he’s beyond jokes. He’s literally on another level.”

With a stint on SNL, an uncensored interview with the King of All Media and yet another film chock-full of comedy gold, is Rock himself not yet on another level? He told Howard there was one comedy gig he turned down. Rock was asked to do stand-up at Super Bowl XXXVIII, or as Rock artfully put it, “the Janet Jackson nipple year.” He told Howard he doesn’t like to brag about the stuff he “could have done.”

“You don’t want to hear Leo DiCaprio going, ‘You know who I could have f-cked?'” Rock joked. “That motherf-cker. If he’s not doing a movie, he’s 40 pounds more … with a beard and a f*cking model.”

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