When he’s not busy securing Paramount movie deals, actor and comedian extraordinaire Chris Rock is probably doing stand-up specials on HBO or hosting the BET Awards. Yep, needless to say, the man is busy. But lucky for us, Rock took a break to sit down with Touré on Food for Thought to discuss everything from his thoughts on Obama’s presidency (“Obama’s doing great! We’re not out of war, but we are in less war…Pretty much what a president gets graded on at the end of the day”) to best practices for not getting stopped by the police.

According to Rock, for the American people it comes down to jobs and peace. “People are always going to have complaints. There is no complain-less president.” The comedian also wasn’t hesitant to reveal his views on Secretary of State Hilary Clinton, saying, “Hilary is essentially the democratic McCain at this point.”

On a lighter (but still politically loaded) note, Rock comically told Touré some do’s and don’ts for NOT getting stopped by the police. “The first trick is to obey the law. It helps… Let’s not act that it doesn’t help a little bit!”

Chris has some firsthand knowledge in this arena — after all, he’s been stopped by the police a handful of times. And while getting stopped by the police isn’t inherently fun, Chris does get some satisfaction from the cops recognizing him. “Eight out of 10 times: ‘Hey! Chris Rock! Get out of here!’ But every now and then, somebody is going for the big score.”

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