Actor Chris Pratt, who plays Peter Quill (aka Star-Lord) in the new film Guardians of the Galaxy, recently joined The Morning Mash Up on SiriusXM Hits 1 to discuss everything from his role as Star-Lord and fatherhood to his love for the Seattle Seahawks.

First, Pratt addressed a headline that called him a ‘lovable goof’ and ‘chiseled hero.’

“I’ll take either [lovable goof or chiseled hero]. The adjectives I like to focus on, not so much ‘goof’ or ‘hero’ but ‘lovable’ and ‘chiseled.’ I’ll take it.”

The actor also spoke about his wardrobe in Guardians of the Galaxy.

“I have no idea what I’m wearing at any given moment. I have a person who comes in and they’re like, ‘You’re wearing this.’ I’m like ‘All right.’ I did not pick [my outfit] out, this is the result of somebody else picking it out. If it was me, it would be like one pair of cargo shorts or one of my many T-shirts that has an animal on it. And they’re like, ‘That’s not gonna work for Star-Lord.'”

And, because they’re Seahawks fans, Morning Mash Up also asked Pratt if he’s ever thought about the possibility of raising the 12th man flag at a Seahawks game.

“I never even thought about that till just now. That would be a true dream come true. I would love to do that … Could you imagine? Oh my god, I gotta do that. This just got better. Minus anything in Hollywood or any acting or any jobs, this is already the greatest year of my life because the Seattle Seahawks won the Super Bowl. This could be the greatest year ever. I think my brain would explode, I don’t know, I think my brain may melt … That would be damn sweet.”

[Editor’s note: PLEASE LET THIS HAPPEN. #12thManPratt]

Pratt also told the sweetest story about his son in a New Orleans park.

“[My son and I] were walking around in this park, and there’s this dude sitting on the bench who was like, I’m immediately going into papa-bear mode, this dude was sketchy looking. He was probably on something and he just looked dangerous. My son is walking about 20 feet in front of me, I’m just letting him explore the world and figure stuff out. He walks over and he goes over to this big flower bush and is looking at a flower, he picks it off, he sees this dude and walks across the park and he hands him the flower. No fear, he reaches out and gives this guy this flower. The guy kind of laughs, chuckles, and he then accepts this flower from this beautiful boy. And I saw something happen in this dude’s eyes. At very minimum, his day changed, but maybe honest to god, his whole life in that moment changed. I was like my son, he’s the Buddha. It was such a precious moment.”

Finally, the super-fit Pratt discussed exactly how he had to physically prepare for his role as Star-Lord.

“It was about seven months and it really evolved a lot. Without getting into too crazy detail, it started with just trying to gain power and muscle for about two months and I didn’t really change any weight. I was about 285 when I started and maybe at the end of two months I was maybe 280 … It was just like hard, power-lifting, eating 5000 calories a day. Several times a day through the course of the day, really strictly monitored by a nutritionist what I was eating. And then once I put on muscle and gained power and strength, it was all about using that muscle to burn fat. So then it just changed my diet, my calories went way low, and the intensity of the workouts went up. It was two one hour cardio sessions per day that were just real grinders, really, really hard cardio sessions and with three days of weights mixed in through the course of the week.”

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