Chris Hemsworth and Michael Mann talk about cyber-thriller Blackhat

Director Michael Mann had some anxiety when screening his latest film, the cyber-thriller Blackhat: Will audiences get it? But Mann’s worries were quickly put to rest — in a post-Sony hack world, cybersecurity isn’t an abstract concept to the average movie-goer.

Mann and the film’s star Chris Hemsworth visited SiriusXM in New York and talked about the months of preparation it took to accurately portray cyberhacking — while still producing a thrilling movie — and what they took away from the experience.

“I buried my computer in the backyard,” Hemsworth joked.

Prep work for the film included time spent in a steel mill, a prison and, of course, with real-life genius hackers. Hemsworth even learned to read and write some code.

But when it comes to playing a hacker, Hemsworth says the most important quality is attitude, which came from understanding the motivation and risk behind the work. In Blackhat, he plays Nick Hathaway, a skilled hacker freed from prison after promising he’ll help the government find a mysterious figure hell-bent on taking down the international banking system.

But Thor fans can rest easy — Hemsworth’s screen time isn’t all spent in front of a computer screen. Check out the trailer below for some of the flick’s action scenes (skip ahead to the 1:35 mark if you can’t wait).

And while he was in studio, we had to ask Hemsworth about his title of Sexiest Man Alive.

“I had nothing to do with it … my parents put me together, built me one night,” the gracious actor said.

Kudos to Mr. and Mrs. Hemsworth.


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