Sometimes just hopping in the car and listening to your favorite songs is the ultimate escape. So any song that mentions cars or driving seem to automatically make you want to take a trip, says Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Radio‘s Rachel Steele, who loves just being able to leave the stresses of everyday life at home.

In her 20s, Steele said she and her sister used to road trip between Cleveland and Chicago quite a bit. One time when they were pulled over on the highway, and the officer asked why she was speeding, she says she was completely honest and told him “I was listening to Life in the Fast Lane and lost track of my speed. He said ‘You’re lucky I’m an Eagles fan,'” and let her off with a warning. “It was classic,” she says.

Both rock ‘n’ roll and the open road give you a sense of freedom, and that’s what Rock and Roll Hall of Fame Radio celebrates. Artists who have used creative freedom to lay it all on the line, and let music drive them to the ultimate destination. Below are some of our favorite songs. Tunes that put the mind at ease, and get you even more excited about your destination!

1. Beatles – Drive My Car
2. AC/DC – Highway To Hell
3. Rush – Red Barchetta
4. Alice Cooper – Under My Wheels
5. Bruce Springsteen – Born To Run
6. Elmore James – Standing At The Crossroads
7. CCR – Sweet Hitch Hiker
8. Doors – Roadhouse Blues
9. Eagles – Life In The Fast Lane
10. Pretenders – Middle Of The Road
11. Cream – Crossroads

Cleveland, OH –> Buffalo, NY


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