In her interview with SiriusXMU‘s Jenny Eliscu, electro-pop queen and Iggy Azalea collaborator Charli XCX admitted to playing a whopping 13 shows at SXSW 2014 — a schedule she didn’t even know she had until landing in Austin, TX.

Fortunately, the You – Ha Ha Ha singer managed to collect the energy required to play said shows, and she even made time to answer a few more questions for us about things like pick-up lines, favorite summer songs, and singing like Britney Spears when she was younger.

Oh, and she asked us out on a date. #Jealous?

SiriusXM: So, what’s your go-to pick-up line?

Charli XCX: You know, I actually heard a really good one the other day, but I’ve completely forgotten what it was. I like the one that’s like, “I rearranged the alphabet. I put ‘I’ next to ‘U.’” That’s kind of cute.

SXM: I actually haven’t heard that one.

CXCX: Oh really? Well, there you go. Want to go on a date with me now?

SXM: Um, obviously! But first, another question: Since summer is coming up, what’s the first song you put on a summer mix?

CXCX: Right now it would be Beverly Hills by Weezer, or anything by the Ramones. You know, something where you can drive in a really crap car with the roof down, but the car’s gotta be really bad, and it’s like, sunny and windy, and you’re just driving.

SXM: If you could open for any band, any band in the world, which band would you open for?

CXCX: I don’t know. I mean, can they be dead?

SXM: Yes.

CXCX: Okay, so I’m going through a very ‘60s French pop phase at the moment, so I mean, I think opening for one of those yé-yé pop girls would be pretty cool. Like, opening for Sylvie Vartan or like France Gall. I mean, actually opening for Serge Gainsbourg would be cool. I don’t know what our shows would be like together, but I think it would just be kind of really sexy.

SXM: What was your first first stage name? Was it always “Charli XCX”?

CXCX: It’s always been this. Always. I had some bands when I was younger, like in the playground kind of thing. I don’t remember the name of my first girl band, but I do remember our first song was called Man Oh Man, and it went, like, [nasal voice] “MAN OH MANNN.” You sang like that ’cause Britney [Spears] was doing that thing at the time. It was like “MAN OH MAN. You’re tirin’ me out, OH.” It went like that. It was pretty cool, actually.

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