Today, like most Americans both at home and abroad, we are honoring our nation’s veterans here at SiriusXM. All day long, military related topics were prevalent on air –  ranging from revolutionary historic figures to current heroes and what role we can play in showing our gratitude to the troops.

First up, Joe Madison welcomed Sherri Brown to discuss the value of sending holiday cards to our veterans and active servicemen.

“These folks are away. They’re serving somewhere else, not with their families, and that first of all can be lonely,” Brown said. “It also matters that people at home care about them. That it’s a stranger, that it’s someone who doesn’t even know them, who took the time to write a note to say ‘Thank you, we care about you.'”

Taking it back to Revolutionary times, Steve Bannon shines some light on historic figures who helped form this very nation. Bannon spoke with journalist Brian Kilmeade, who discussed his new book Secret Six, the story of six individuals that helped save the American Revolution.

“Mr. Kilmeade has written a mini-novel that finally pays homage to six revolutionaries who forfeited their personal comfort and safety to aid and abet the birth of a fledgling nation struggling for independence,” Bannon said.

To discuss the current difficulties that veterans are facing, Ari Robin-Havt, welcomed a panel of distinguished veterans including Richard Allen Smith, Stacey Vasquez and Tony Woods. They delved into their personal experiences in filing disability claims and the issue with the Department of Veteran Affairs backlog.

One of the lone surviving Tuskegee Airman, Malcolm Nettingham, stopped by The David Webb Show. In an hour-long, in-depth interview, Nettingham discussed his own personal experiences.

On a special edition of The Maggie Linton Show, the host welcomed Col. Jacquelin Cumbo of the United states Army. The two dived into what it’s like on a soldier to be thrown into hostile situations. Cumbo admitted that it’s extremely difficult to even begin to be mentally prepared for those situations.

“There’s no manual for it,” she said. “Going into war – especially if you don’t have a return date – and you know that you’re going to enter into hostilities, and you don’t know who in that formation is going to return with you, there is some mental anguish that you have to go through.”

During a special edition of StandUp! with Pete, Dominick narrated the sights and sounds of the famous America’s Parade in New York City. While walking the parade route, Dominick interviewed distinguished war veterans, including Paul Rieckhoff – founder and CEO of IAVA (Iraq and Afghanistan Veterans of America).

Dominick also managed to sneak onto the WWII veteran float – interviewing some of the veterans on board including Tuskegee Airman Daphne Montgomery.

Cam Edwards kicked off a special edition of Cam & Company welcoming various special guests including veterans like specialist Chad Jenkins (who served during 2001 – 2005 in Iraq). Numerous charitable organizations were also the topic of conversation; keeping in mind how we should give back to those who gave so much for their country.

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If you missed the Veterans Day edition of The Wilkow Majority you can catch it on your own time On Demand. Tune in as Wilkow interviews Air Force veteran/VA advisor Darin Selnick. Also on the show are Billy and Karen Vaughn, the parents of Aaron Vaughn, a member of SEAL Team 6 who was sadly killed in action.

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