How do I love thee? Let me count the ways.Elizabeth Barrett Browning

This Valentine’s Day season, count the ways that SiriusXM Stars will prepare you in the week leading up to your February 14 festivities. Whether you’re spending Saturday night out with a special someone, overdosing on chocolate alone or hating on love with friends, we have you covered.

Sneak a peek below to see which Stars show aligns with your V-Day mood!

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Single and Want to Get Dirty, Sexy, Funny (With Jenny McCarthy)?
When: Weekdays at 10am ET
With Valentine’s Day coming up soon Jenny McCarthy is looking to make romantic connections when she revisits her past in a live event with listeners: Singled Out…Again. For one night only Jenny will host the game show that she made famous and try to help New Kids On The Block’s Danny Wood find the right lady. Chris Harrison, host of The Bachelor and Millionaire Matchmaker’s Patti Stanger will also be on the show during the week to help people put the spark back in their romance or get motivated to give it another shot. Celebrity psychic Thomas John will be on the show Monday to help listeners talk to love ones on the other side.


Wake Up to Love All Week:
When: Weekdays at 8am ET
Wake Up with Taylor will be celebrating Love Week: A Week of Love Monday 2/9 through Friday 2/13. Taylor and Kenny will talk to relationship experts, Rachel DeAlto, Millionaire Matchmaker Patti Stanger, stars of Married at First Sight Doug Hehner and Jamie Otis and more! It’ll be fun, informative, corny, and sure to put your heart in the spirit for the most romantic holiday of the year!


50 Shades of Sexual Health on The Perri Peltz Show:
When: Tuesday 2/10 at 1:00pm ET
Let’s talk about sex! Women’s Health expert and co-director of the NY Center for Women’s Sexual Health, Hilda Hutcherson, is taking your calls and answering all your questions from Gwyneth Paltrow’s “Vagina Steaming” to “50 Shade of Grey” – and everything in-between 😉


A Focus on Love Hocus Pocus on Pia Lindström Presents:
When: Sunday 2/8 at 7am ET
Is there such a thing as love at first sight?  Can you smell your way to love? We talk to magician and Fooling Houdini author Alex Stone about the magic of love!


Just Love with Just Jenny:
When: Weekdays at 1:00pm ET
Love is in the air … or is it? Well the only way you’ll find out is by listening to Just Jenny for a special week of amour or something like it. Jenny will be joined by relationship expert Charreah Jackson from Essence Magazine, then she’ll chat with author Susan Elliot and they’ll help listeners get over those broken hearts and make the best of the day. Love lady Terri Trespicio also stops by to help you get out of your love rut with some dating tips. We’ll also hear from Jenny and Keith aka the husband on how they’ve managed to keep the love alive and things fun and spicy for 20 years. And of course we’re always concerned about your weight and health issues so we’ll have a weight Wednesday filled with TLC’s Whitney Way from my BIG Fat fabulous Life, we’ll also get to talk about some fun tech gadgets with Helena Stone from Chip Chick and finally funny girl Sara Benincasa will close out the week with a special Single Awareness Day girl chat. It’s a week that you don’t want to miss so stay tuned for Valentine’s week on Just Jenny.


Explore Love Business on The Judith Regan Show:
When: Saturday 2/14 at 11am ET
Judith Regan explores many angles of love, sex and relationships: finding true love with “The Millionaire Machmaker” Patti Stanger, divorce with Susan Rieger and her book The Divorce Papers, and the sex business with Garren James, owner of Cowboys4Angels escort agency.


How They Found the One on Dr. Laura
Friday 2/13 at 2pm ET
This Friday, Dr. Laura will read stories, sent in from listeners, who answered the question “What specific thing did your future spouse do when you were dating that convinced you that he or she was THE ONE?” The best stories will receive prizes, including an autographed copy of Dr. Laura’s Proper Care and Feeding of Marriage. And of course, Dr. Laura will answer your calls, to guide you through Valentine’s Day dilemmas and anything else that is on your mind, and in your heart.



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