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Are you watching this season of The Walking Dead? No, seriously. Are you watching it!? Because it’s insane. Entertainment Weekly Radio hosts Dalton Ross and Jessica Shaw have been talking to the cast of the AMC hit series about the new season, and everyone agrees–it’s one heart-stopping turn after the next. Robert Kirkman, Steven Yeun, Lauren Cohan, and Scott Gimple are just a few of the cast and creators you’ll hear talking about what’s what in Zombieland during this week’s Halloween special so tune in and listen below for a sneak peek!

Steven Yeung, a.k.a. Glenn, has been one of the longest-surviving characters on the series so he shared a little about what it’s been like to work with so many new and different actors. “It’s been really cool to grow on this show as a human being and also as an actor. But also within the confines of the show. We’ve lost such amazing people over the years … there are such good people and as they exit you find these little voids in how this structure if the show works and someone has to come in and fill that up and I’ve been very blessed to be around this long and to have that position to fill,” Yeung said.

Lauren Cohan, who happens to play Glenn’s number one squeeze Bela Talbot on the series, reveals just what really goes down on set with the cast members. “There was a point on the show this season where we get trapped in the rain and [Josh] is right to protect the mullet  because it requires so much work. He got rained on … and it was literally, I have never seen someone so angry but laughing at the same time.  No, I should say I have never seen somebody so upset about hair extensions,” Cohan joked.

Lastly we have Robert Kirkman, creator of The Walking Dead series, who chatted about Tyrese, a character who’s still alive on the show but didn’t last as long in the comic book series. “One of the characteristics that interests me the most about Tyrese is that to a certain extent he’s almost the most powerful. I don’t know if Rick or Darrell, or Glen could have killed those zombies outside that cabin the way that he did or survived that herd in season 4 the way that he did,” Kirkman says.

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