C*ck in a Sock creator James Brown “socks it” to testicular and prostate cancer

More viral than a Buzzfeed quiz and just as unifying as a Relay for Life event, C*ck in a Sock has become the cancer awareness sensation that is sweeping the nation – and the world. Created by U.K. native James Brown (not to be confused with the Godfather of Soul), C*ck in a Sock not only allows but encourages men from all over the world to take and post pictures of themselves proudly donning socks where they (hopefully) normally wouldn’t in order to raise awareness for both testicular and prostate cancer. In addition to collecting widespread attention on the Interwebs (and lots of “Likes” from both ladies and gents), the charity intends to raise £5,000 (just under $8,500). Thus far, C*ck in a Sock has received 904 donations amounting to a total of £4,562 (just over $7,500). Brown recently spoke about how he started the charity – and inspired some uproarious results!

“It was something I took quite personally… It was something I thought me and a few friends would do to raise a bit of money to try and raise their spirits,” Brown explained. “I literally went to bed after creating the page at night, woke up in the morning, and there was 35,000 Followers and thousands of new pictures. In just one night, it completely exploded into something amazing.”

(WARNING: Explicit content)

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