Wendover –> Grand Junction: The Highway playlist from Al Skop

“Country music is all about the lyrics,” says Al Skop, lead programmer and DJ for SiriusXM The Highway. “Not only does it have to have a good tempo and beat that makes you wanna open the sunroof and GO, but … Continued


Memphis –> St. Louis: Soul Town playlist from DJ Fred Buggs

If you ask Soul Town DJ Fred Buggs about taking a road trip, he’ll light up a room with personal anecdotes from the latter part of the 20th century. In fact, Buggs spent much of those years on the road: … Continued


Reno –> Wendover: Utopia playlist from Ben Harvey

If you look Utopia up in the dictionary, it means “a perfect world.” When you head out on a road trip it’s easy to romanticize things, as if you’re heading on a journey in search of the perfect world. In … Continued


Bethlehem –> Boston: 80s on 8 playlist from Alan Hunter

“Peter Gabriel’s Sledge Hammer and Talking Heads’ Once in a Lifetime are a couple of my favorites, period, whether you’re on a road trip or not,” says 80s on 8 DJ and original MTV VJ Alan Hunter. “And you’ve always … Continued


Buffalo –> Bethlehem: 90s on 9 playlist from Ron Ross

What makes a great road trip song? “It’s a great song when I’ve flirted with exceeding the speed limit and I’m playing drums on the steering wheel,” says 90s on 9 programmer Ron Ross. “C’mon N Ride It by Quad … Continued


Chicago –> Cleveland

Sometimes just hopping in the car and listening to your favorite songs is the ultimate escape. So any song that mentions cars or driving seem to automatically make you want to take a trip, says Rock and Roll Hall of … Continued


St. Louis –> Chicago: Bluesville playlist from Tony Colter

According to Bluesville‘s Tony Colter, there’s no city for the blues like Chicago. “If you’re headed to sweet home Chicago, make sure to visit Buddy Guy’s Legends,” says Tony. “That’s the mecca of blues clubs. And there’s Rosa’s Lounge — … Continued


Lubbock –> Austin: Willie’s Roadhouse playlist from Dallas Wayne

What makes Willie Nelson’s On The Road Again the perfect road trip song? Well, according to Willie’s Roadhouse DJ Dallas Wayne, On The Road Again has “forward momentum.” In fact, all of Dallas’ favorite road trip songs have “a certain … Continued


San Francisco –> Reno: The Spectrum playlist from Mark Goodman

Mark Goodman loves the thrill of the drive; the feeling of covering ground in his car. “Being able to take in the sights of this country mile by mile is a truly exhilarating experience,” The Spectrum host says. “Add a … Continued


Grand Junction –> Albuquerque: The Coffee House playlist from Jon Maxwell

There’s nothing like warm weather to inspire a summer road trip. Or, more specifically, a summer road trip playlist! According to The Coffee House‘s Jon Maxwell, the perfect summer road trip playlist should be relaxing and comfortable — because goodness … Continued