Success Without Stress: Tom North and Hugh Jackman talk TM

This week on SiriusXM Indie, Success Without Stress host Bob Roth talks with Tom North, author of True North – The Shocking Truth About “Yours, Mine and Ours,” and Hollywood and Broadway star Hugh Jackman about Transcendental Meditation (TM), a form of mantra … Continued


Summer cocktails on Wake Up! With Taylor

Mixologist April Wachtel joined Wake Up! with Taylor on SiriusXM Stars to talk about all things cocktails to ring in the summer solstice. Wachtel introduced the new spirit, Solbeso, which literally means, “Kiss of the Sun.” “[Solbeso is] the world’s first cacao spirit. It’s 80-proof. … Continued


Women and raises: ‘If you don’t ask, you don’t get.’

SiriusXM Stars‘ Perri Peltz sat down with Sallie Krawcheck of the Ellevate Network, a professional women’s network with 34,000 members that connects women all over the world and across industries from entrepreneurs, to lawyers, to corporate executives. Krawcheck claims that networking … Continued


Kylie Minogue talks returning to the spotlight post-cancer in ‘Iconography: Kylie Minogue’

Kylie Minogue recently stopped by SiriusXM for an interview with Larry Flick on OutQ to discuss everything from her gay fan base and learning self-confidence to her return to stage after her battle with breast cancer. To start, Minogue commented on … Continued


Martha reveals her tattoo of choice

This week on Martha Live, Martha Stewart was joined by tattoo artist Joseph Ari Aloi, also known as JK5. Self-described on his website as “a multidisciplinary artist, relentless drawing machine, hyper-creator, renaissance man, visual linguist, self professed mythology and sci-fi nerd, father, and an ever inventive, world renowned tattoo artist … Continued


Laverne Cox speaks about her fears with OutQ’s Larry Flick

Actress and activist Laverne Cox, who stars on Orange Is the New Black, and who was recently the first transgender woman to cover TIME magazine,  joined OutQ‘s Larry Flick to discuss how she fears for her life, why she feels anointed, and how … Continued


5 summer beauty tips from Bobbi Brown, Maria Menounos + more

With the sun (finally) shining, summer is always cause to look and feel your best. But with so many beauty tips to pick from, it could be very easy for a lady to feel overwhelmed. Well, the SiriusXM STARS crew … Continued


Joel Osteen to launch exclusive radio channel on SiriusXM

Joel Osteen Radio is debuting this fall, headlined by Joel Osteen, world-renowned spiritual and inspirational figure, and Senior Pastor of Lakewood Church, America’s largest Christian congregation. The channel will bring Osteen’s message to SiriusXM listeners nationwide, showcasing exclusive weekly call-in shows … Continued


Martha Stewart’s anti-anti-aging lifestyle or what she calls ‘successful aging’

At 72 years old you certainly wouldn’t say Martha Stewart looks her age, but she doesn’t look like one of those ladies  trying to elude aging, either. She looks appropriately lovely. That’s because she practices what she calls “gentle health.” … Continued


Lena Dunham on changing the world, staying grounded through meditation

Premiering Friday 5/30 at 7 pm ET on Indie, Ch. 104 Bob Roth is the the Executive Director of the David Lynch Foundation, where he has helped direct the introduction of the Transcendental Meditation (TM) program to over 500,000 at-risk … Continued