#ThrowbackThursday! Alicia Silverstone talks Clueless on EW Radio

[gallery type="rectangular" ids="21690,21691,21692" orderby="rand"] If you are still reeling from the fact that Mean Girls recently turned ten, then you’ll tell us to “Shut up” when we tell you that the original quintessential queen bee comedy Clueless will be 19 … Continued


Billy Bob Thornton on what people don’t know about him

He’s talented, eccentric and wild. But not everything there is to know about Billy Bob Thornton fits into the box of his public persona. In fact, you’d be surprised to know what other passions he has besides movie making, hell … Continued


Kristen Bell talks paparazzi + Veronica Mars movie on Sway in the Morning

Kristen Bell stops by Shade 45′s Sway in the Morning to talk about what it took to kick-start the new Veronica Mars movie and her feelings on celebrity kids and the paparazzi. “I know I’m a public figure, I know … Continued


Samuel L. Jackson settles score on Snakes on a Plane

Premiering Friday 4/4 at 1 pm ET on Entertainment Weekly Radio. Samuel L. Jackson sits down with Entertainment Weekly Editor Matt Bean to discuss his role in Captain America: The Winter Soldier. He also gets into roles that he wants … Continued


What do Kermit the Frog and Tom Cruise have in common?

In the past week, SiriusXM has had a number of notables stop by for a chat, including Boy George, 50 Cent, Seth MacFarlane, and Naomi Campbell. While this is quite an incredible bunch (and the potential makings of the best … Continued


Crispin Glover and his perfect hair talks Back to the Future

Crispin Glover stopped by The Sam Roberts Show, to talk to me about his new movie, Back to the Future, David Letterman, and more. In typical Crispin Glover fashion, things got bizarre, and we had to do the interview out … Continued


Jason Bateman on acting: Yeah, I’d make out with my sister

We’re going to let Jason Bateman explain this one, but here’s what you need to know: Bateman was on The Howard Stern Show on Tuesday. He and Howard started talking about the casting of Arrested Development. Howard then brought up … Continued


Who called off Rocky’s death at the end of Rocky V?

Rocky fans, like myself, like to deny the existence of Rocky V. John G. Avlidsen, the directory of Rocky and Rocky V, probably feels the same way. But Tuesday on Entertainment Weekly Radio, he confirmed that if he and Sylvester … Continued


From Ted to Tumbleweeds: Seth MacFarlane talks new film A Million Ways to Die in the West

Whether you know (and love) Seth MacFarlane for his work on Family Guy as “Petah” Griffin, his frank and furry friend Ted, his stint as the uproarious Academy Awards host last year, or all three, he is a favorite funny … Continued


Rotten Tomatoes’ Oscars Fantasy Draft Picks

We’re only a few days away from Oscars kick-off, a.k.a. the red carpet, and the guys at Rotten Tomatoes have made their fantasy draft picks! Each Team chose nine movies and for each Oscar a movie wins, that team will … Continued