Yasiel Puig‘s diving catch against the New York Mets was the talk of baseball last week, even prompting praise from the New York Mets Twitter account.

(GIF via SB Nation)

Puig’s acrobatics failed to charm Mets reliever Carlos Torres, though, who suggested the media is responsible for all the hype surrounding the Los Angeles Dodgers’ right fielder.

“I don’t care to watch him,” Torres said on MLB Network Radio. “If you look at Heyward’s catch, when he was flying through the outfield and laying out, he actually made a way better catch than Yasiel Puig’s. […] But since it’s not Puig, nobody cares, nobody’s paying attention. And if you watch [Puig] before a ball is hit, he’s just standing straight up and down – maybe he might bend over once or twice – and he’s almost never ready to field the ball. When you’re watching stuff like that, you just sit there, let him do what he does, and go from there; try to get him out when he’s hitting.”

Torres added that he had “no clue” whether the rest of baseball shared his opinion.

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