Carlos Santana talks music greats, including his famous ‘padre’ Tito Puente on SiriusXM’s Caliente

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World renound guitarist and Santana frontman Carlos Santana sat down with íCONOS host Israel Salazar from SiriusXM’s Caliente to discuss his recent book, The Universal Tone: Bringing My Story To Light, which is divided into three crucial parts. First, we see Santana’s journey into music in ‘Viaje de Musica,’ him being a father, son and husband in ‘tu ser,’ and finally the ‘dimensiones espirituales’ which discusses the internal domestic rhythm that every human being should have.

Santana goes in depth about how his book deeply reflects these roles, and the theory that just like music greats such as Michael Jackson, Bob Marley, and Aretha Franklin: we too “remain” and leave lasting legacies on earth.”Es como hacer un hermano, un hijo, un padre … pero me gusta tambien invitar a la gente a un ‘invisible realm’… Como Aretha Franklin, todo los artistas que son consistente en estar, aqui, anque el cuerpo se quede, y se haga polbo, yo me quedo! Igual como Bob Marley, Michael Jackson, yo me quedo.”

The Latin musician heavily credits everything to God, including his many years of perseverance. “Todo lo credito se lo doy a dios … Y a mi mismo!”

During the interview, Santana speaks about Tito Puente, el famoso Latin and jazz musician as being like a padre for him. “Hente como Tito Puente y B.B. King … soy hijos de ellos! vengo de la musica de ellos!” Besides Puente, Santana was also inspired by B.B. King, and he says that everything that he has ever played “es 99% Africano.”

Finally, Santana gives key advice to his fans, saying before you begin playing, find that feeling inside of your heart to pursue it first. “Primero, respira–y ciente el centro de tu ser, y despues offreserlo.”

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