Veteran news anchor Aaron Brown spoke on The Michael Smerconish Program about Brian Williams, and whether he can ever rehabilitate his image after the recent scandal that led to his six-month suspension from NBC.

“He needs a full-throated, no-bull apology. That thing was a joke … He needs to use the six months in a way that reminds people what we actually know about Brian, which is that he’s a really good guy, he’s a very good reporter — maybe not as a good of a reporter as he wants to be — and get to the end of this and see if we can watch him again without wondering if he’s telling the truth. That’s the problem. Brian will never be Brian again. Ever.”

If Williams can’t regain that trust, Brown says this could be the most stunning fall in the history of television.

Brown also says it’s problematic that we ask our news anchors to be celebrities.

“[Williams] just did too many events where you’re expected to be the hero of your own story. You know all those Tonight Show appearances, all those Letterman appearances — you’re supposed to sit there and talk about how cool you are. And that got him in trouble.”

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