Adam Schein of Mad Dog Radio joined Hall of Famer Cal Ripken on a special edition of Ripken Baseball Monday at MLB All-Star FanFest in New York City.

While speaking about Chris Davis, who had a monstrous first half with 37 home runs, Schein asked Ripken for his opinion on what players should be recognized as the real home run kings: Roger Maris and Hank Aaron, or players such as Barry Bonds and Mark McGwire.

Ripken told Schein that judging the time in baseball that was marred by steroid usage is still difficult, and that it’s tough to arbitrate which records should have asterisks and which records shouldn’t.

“The stats aren’t going away,” Ripken said. “They’re a part of the record […] it’s how you choose to look at ’em and acknowledge it.”

Listen to Ripken’s full thoughts below, including whether he agreed with Jose Canseco’s assessment that at one point, 80 percent of major leaguers were using performance-enhancing drugs.

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