Cal and Billy Ripken made it clear Thursday on SiriusXM’s Ripken Baseball: It’s time for Major League Baseball to strengthen penalties against players that use banned performance-enhancing drugs.

Following news that 14 players, including former MVPs Ryan Braun and Alex Rodriguez, were suspended for their roles in the Biogenesis scandal, Cal suggested that the MLB consider lifetime bans in the fight against banned substances.

“Any testing program, there’s always gonna be people who are in the science to stay ahead of it. And it seems like there is a big incentive money-wise to do that,” Cal said. “So it’s just one deterrent, this investigation that [the MLB is] doing. […] The biggest deterrent of all is you’re risking not being able to play Major League Baseball.

“The consequence is that you are totally out of baseball,” Cal added. “You can see that as the ultimate deterrent for people to even try [performance-enhancing drugs].”

Listen to hear Billy talk about how soon the MLB should put stricter penalties into effect, and how the league is in a unique position as players align themselves with the league in the movement against PEDs.

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